Transport service for boats in Mallorca

Moving a boat by land or by sea is a great effort. For this type of service, special transport is required, but also serious, professional and experienced people are needed. In addition to a working team, a good service is required, because not everyone takes into account the care in the details of the boat, the security and the necessary previsions to avoid any accident or to foresee situations or problems in the ocean routes.

Guaranteed logistics
At A. Riera Nautic Service, we have the necessary means to provide our users with the best facilities, with a stock of towing equipment suppliers that will get your boat to a safe harbour. Our services in Majorca range from small boats to large vessels. We are the best reference in boat transport services in Mallorca and Palma de Mallorca.
We offer from A. Riera Nautic Service all the logistic movement for the transport of a boat, as well as the necessary permits for the national and international transfer, supported by the owners of private companies, shipyards, managers or brokers and negotiators or management, who are in charge of guaranteeing the best attention for our distinguished clients, by nautical way or by road, in a comfortable, safe way and at the best price.

Necessary equipment
If you are looking to transport your boat or any other cargo, with a quality service, that is no longer a problem, now you can count on A. Riera Nautic service, from where we make all types of deliveries, including Ro-Ro type vessels, special cargo and semi-submersibles. We have the best equipment for towing trailers, conventional or industrial to transport large vessels and gondolas equipped with different types of specialised systems, according to the legally established dimensions; as well as extendable platforms, truck cranes and all types of nautical transports.

In our nautical company, we solve the towing of your yacht, boat or motorboat, with special platforms of different types, authorised and professionally trained personnel to provide this service. We also try to give technical guidance to our clients, for a safe transport, with different alternatives in prices, time, transfer conditions, legal aspects, routes and others.

Recommendations for safe transport
In A. Riera Nautic service we also guide you, in terms of recommendations, to have at hand the permits required by law, to know about the resolutions and agreements on the dimensions allowed for the circulation according to the type of vessel, as well as having the specific location of the cargo, the date of reception and delivery, as well as the destination of the vessel. Experience is also an important aspect to consider for a safe transport. We have been in the market for more than 10 years and therefore we can offer the best service conditions, from any part of Europe.

If you are looking for a professional service for the transport of a boat, you can rely on us, do not hesitate to contact us in Mallorca and ask for a no obligation quote.


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