Buying and selling boats in Mallorca
There are those who sometimes wish to sail on a private or private boat, and sometimes many people, although they have one, have not yet approached the sea, which is the main reason why some prefer to rent one. However, true sailing enthusiasts prefer to own their own boat.
There are different boat offers on the market, both for new and used boats. Different websites today show different alternatives for you to decide to buy the boat of your dreams.

Search management
Having the best service to guide you in the task of buying and selling your boat, both with the seller and the buyer, helps to save time, money and avoids inconveniences in the administrative procedures, reaching satisfactory solutions for everyone. That is why in A. Riera Nautic service, we take care of choosing with you your yacht or other model of boat, according to the characteristics and according to the navigation needs that you are looking for, whether it is for fishing, pleasure, sports or adventure trips. We are your service company, in charge of researching online or on the most select platforms on the web and managing the search process, negotiation and even the possible delivery of the boats.

Types of boats for sale in Mallorca
If you decided to buy a new boat, because with it you have the possibility to live the best adventures and enjoy a perfect lifestyle, you should choose to review our catalogues on the web or contact our services at once and we will take care of advising you so that you can find the best option.

In Mallorca, with A. Riera Nautic serviceWe constantly have offers of boats of different characteristics and conditions, whose prices are at your disposal. We can show you our catalogues of new or used models such as the highly demanded inflatable boats, the convertible fishing and touring boats, a cabin or open boat, a cruising sailboat, motorboats and many more.


Steps to buying a new boat
When negotiating a sale and purchase it is important that you follow our suggestions:

  • Be careful with the information provided by some websites regarding offers from agencies and individuals.
  • You should prefer an agency to a private individual, as they tend to overprice their boat.
  • Try to buy after the summer
  • Decide on the type of flag and country where the ship was registered.
  • Have the documents required by the buyer and tax payments ready.
  • Test the boat in water before deciding to buy it.
  • Hire the best professional services in A. Riera Nautic servicewhere we are at your complete disposal.

On completion of the purchase-sale
Once the negotiation is finished and although you are already the owner, in A. Riera Nautic service, we also accompany you in the consignment of certain requirements, which are necessary to carry out the change of ownership, because you must comply with the due registration in the corresponding entity, where the transfer of the titles and other legal acts are established, on the acquisition of the boat.


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