An optimal nautical maintenance service in Mallorca

Having excellent maintenance is the main aspiration of every person when they acquire a boat and it is one of the factors that guarantees efficient results when offering a good service as a nautical company and additionally for a better guarantee in the attention, it is essential to have a highly qualified staff with a recognised trajectory in the area.
In particular, in A. Riera Nautic Service, we try to maintain an optimal standard of follow-up in the operation of the boats. We are a company specialising in the repair and maintenance of yachts, we offer a quality nautical service, so that your boat is always in the best levels of efficiency and performance. Our goal is to support our customers, both preventively and correctively, throughout the entire process of use of their boats.

A quality service
Our nautical company is committed to offering you a technical and specialised service, verifying even the smallest detail in painting, wood or in the repair of breakdowns or faults in electrical aspects and the general functioning of the mechanical system for your boats.
At A. Riera Nautic Service, we attend to the requests of clients who are looking for technical assistance in the revision and general maintenance of a boat that is in the process of negotiation (sale-purchase). And as part of the services we provide, is to advise them in a reliable and satisfactory way, to make them save their time and money.

Comprehensive maintenance
As part of the maintenance services of our nautical company, we include the revision of components on the boats such as paintwork: with treatment to protect the substrate, with coating treatments, sandblasting and repairs of fibres and resins. Mechanics: for the maintenance of all makes of outboard and inboard engines, with state-of-the-art multi-brand equipment. Electronics: to guarantee the maintenance of the electronic equipment of the boats and electricity: aimed at providing a complete and innovative service, with reviews of everything related to the systems of generation, accumulation and distribution of electrical energy, as well as the power supply, steering and lighting of the boat.
Another of the maintenance services we provide to our clients is the care we take in the transfer of their boats, guaranteeing the best conditions of hygiene and cleanliness at the time of delivery.

Guaranteed supplies
The alliance of A. Riera Nautic Service, with suppliers and companies of great prestige, such as: Yamaha, Honda, Mariner, Suzuki, Envinrude, Valiant, Mitsubishi and many more, allows us to have all the parts and pieces of excellent quality when carrying out the maintenance of the boats, no matter how old they are, so that they are ready and in perfect conditions to sail.
Keeping a boat up to date, however small or large it may be, requires sparing nothing. And at A. Riera Nautic Service, we know this. That is why, for your peace of mind, we offer our expert hands for the repair, care and maintenance of your boat.

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