Boat storage service for boats in Majorca
One of the times when it is most necessary to keep boats under the best care and maintenance is in winter. At certain times of the year the weather conditions can change and although Mallorca is an area with an excellent climate, there can be changes, storms or very strong winds, which require a constant check of all the components of the boat.

The company you need
Guardianship is a necessary service that allows a boat to be safe, clean and operational, generating peace of mind while you are away from the boat, preventing security situations that may cause distress or concern.
In A. Riera Nautic Service, we have the best sentry team, with great recognition in the sector, which allows us to maintain a permanent attention and supervision of your boats. We are the company you need for your safety.

Additional services
A.Riera Nautic Service offers you the ideal contract for the guardianship, where we keep your yacht insured for a long period of time, both in winter and in the other seasons of the year. In addition to working to provide a better service, we guarantee the best maintenance, avoiding the deterioration and loss of market value caused by the time the boats remain unused. Our excellent service also includes the transfer of the boat from its mooring to the shipyard or shelter or winter storage area.
In times of pandemic, and as part of the guardianship service, we comply with safety protocols with the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, interiors and other points of contact of yachts or other types of boats. Also as part of the safekeeping we include monitoring the cleanliness conditions, internal cleaning, deck cleaning, polishing stainless steel, changing gas bottles, aerating sails, cleaning laundry platforms and boat movements.

Checking and testing
During the surveillance, we periodically check the mooring, gangways, fenders, current, attention and revision for different weather conditions, checking fluids, lubricants and coolant levels, battery operation, bilge pumps, auto floats, air conditioning and other systems that are used regularly, in addition to the placement of protective tarpaulins before arrival and anchor tarpaulins after departure.
We also check in the process of checking the boat, the conditions of the fire fighting system, as well as life jackets, fire extinguishers and evacuation systems. At least twice a month, we also check the main engine and the power generator, as well as the electrical systems.

The specialists
From A. Riera Nautic Service, we offer you satisfaction in the guardianship service, with the best and most experienced specialists. That is why we recommend you to keep your boats, yachts and inflatable boats well insured with us, so that they are protected and fully guaranteed against any unforeseen event that may occur in the port or when the boat is on dry land. Call us on our mobile phone (+34) 659584057 and we will be happy to help you.

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